5 Free Best Portable Antivirus

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Most of us actually prefer full antivirus to install on our computer. But sometime you might need portable antivirus. My reason to always have portable antivirus because I like to exchange file with many friends but some of them don’t have an antivirus.

So with portable antivirus I can easily check their files without fear a virus anymore. Do you want to use it too? Don’t worry I will share you 5 free best antivirus software base on my experience:

Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Comodo is a security software developer that focus on internet security. One of their product is free Comodo Cleaning Essential that has ability to help use identify and stop any untrusted process. You can easily use it directly from USB drive.

Norton Power Eraser
Norton is one of the best antivirus developer. They provide free portable Norton Power Eraser that has ability to eliminate an odd apps that was not detected by traditional virus scanning. You should use this app carefully because it uses aggressive method to detect virus.

Clamwin is an open source antivirus software that always provide an update to make user sure that this software can deal with latest virus.

Sophos Anti Rootkit
Sophos is an internet security company and they produce a free Sophos anti rookit that has ability to scan, detect and remove rootkit. Beside that this app can work together with your existing antivirus.
Download Sophos Anti Rootkit

Vipre Rescue
Vipre Rescue is an easy tool that work on Windows safe mode. This portable app suitable if your computer already infected that could make you can’t run your Windows normally. Just run it from your portable device and wait it to clean your computer. Beside that they change it daily to provide best ability to tackle latest threat so it is better to download when you want to use it.

I hope with this a few best portable antivirus will make you comfortable with your computers.


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