How to Access FTP Server in Windows

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Accessing FTP server is useful especially if you want to transfer file for example if you rent a hosting server for your website and you need to transfer file from your computer to your hosting or the reverse.

Basically you can access FTP server from command from with ftp command for example: ftp It will ask user and password and if they are both correct, you will be in FTP server.

You can access FTP server through your web browser, type in the address bar and it will ask user and password so if if they are both correct, you will be in FTP server.
The best way to access FTP server is through FTP client. You need to download and install it first. One of the best and popular FTP clients is Filezilla client. You can download it for free from Filezilla website. Next after you install it you can run Filezilla FTP client and you will see that it has graphical user interface so it will make easier to transfer file.

how to access ftp server


How to access FTP server? It is easy with just submit the host address, username and password and next click Quickconnect. Surely it will make you easier to transfer file between your server and your computer.

I hope this information will make you more comfortable with internet and computer.


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