Basic Linksys Wireless Router Setup

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Linksys is the one of the most wireless router that you can use to build wireless home networking. There are many type of Linksys router but basically have a same configuration to make it work for your networking.

This is the basic Linksys wireless router setup:

    • Make the physical thing works such power and antenna.
    • Connect your computer to Ethernet port on Linksys with utp cable.
    • find your Linksys default IP, usual with subnet mask and set your computer IP to have same network address with your Linksys try with ip with subnet mask
    • Make sure it works by ping from your computer.
    • Browse the address from your internet browser and fill the login form with user and password name admin

linksys router setup

    • Click the setup tab and there is two choice on internet setup, choose DHCP if your ISP use it to distribute address for the client or choose static if your ISP give you static IP address.
    • On network setup make router IP default and DHCP if you choose enable, set the maximum number of user and DNS address, if you choose disabled you will manual setup at the users. Save your setting.
    • Next click wireless tab.

linksys wireless router setup

  • Network Mode, If you have Wireless-N, Wireless-G, and 802.11b devices in your network, keep Mixed, the default setting. If you have Wireless-G and 802.11b devices, select BG-Mixed. If you have only Wireless-N devices, select Wireless-N Only. If you have only Wireless-G devices, select Wireless-G Only. If you have only Wireless-B devices, select Wireless-B Only.
  • Network Name (SSID), named your network by fills this form.
  • Radio Band, choose auto if you use all type of wireless, select 40MHz for type N only and 20MHz for type G and B only
  • Wide Channel – If you selected wide – 40MHz Channel for the Radio Band setting, this setting is available for your primary Wireless-N channel. Select any channel from the drop-down menu.
  • Standard Channel – Select the channel for Wireless-N, Wireless-G, and Wireless-B networking. If you selected Wide – 40MHz Channel for the Radio Band setting, the standard channel is a secondary channel for Wireless-N
  • SSID broadcasting, choose enable if you want the user auto detect your network name or disable if you want manual setting the network name at user. Save your setting
  • Next click administration tab and change your password for security and save your setting.

To make sure your wireless router has work is by try to access it from your notebook that has a WLAN. Try to find wireless network from your notebook and ping the and if successful it show that you know about basic Linksys wireless router setup.

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    Amp Accessories10 years ago

    wireless routers are very necessary nowadays because we do not want so many wires running around the home `~;

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    I like this material. Send me some more.

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    wireless routers are very necessary nowadays because we do not want so many wires running around the home `~;

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    Wireless routers are heaven sent for me since i really hate messy wirings at home and at work. *”*;`

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    Wireless routers are dropping their prices these days, you can buy them at bargain prices now. `


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