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Today blogging is one of most used services in internet, and I think it had beaten just by email and social network. Every business website usually put blog in their website, some people use blogging service to share experience or something they want to write. For personal usually use free blogging service, even some business website still use this service. Usually we want to use the best platform, what is the best free blogging service?

Based on our experience to choose the best free blogging service, that the best platform must have some ability. What ability? It does allow user to customize template, it has ability to transfer user’s blog to new domain, monetize blog, anti-spam protection, free from third party advertisement, easy to use. So from that ability we can choose WordPress and Bloger as example. WordPress release two free platforms:, which you can put in your hosting and hosted by WordPress. You can download for free WordPress platform from and you can control your blog totally but you must have own hosting. You can sign up at with less control of your blog and little bit hard to monetize. Blogger powered by Google has all ability as best platform but little weak for anti spam protection compare to Akismet in WordPress.

From that reason we can conclude that the best free blogging service is Blogger, but you can consider as a winner if you have own hosting. Hope after you know this best platform will make you comfortable will you internet live.


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