Browser Tab Shortcut

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Today we always use browser in our live. When using browser such Mozilla, Chrome or Internet Explorer basically you must be use mouse for it. It can be open new tab, close tab and move to previous or next tab. You can do it just with one or two mouse click, but obviously you can do it just with your keyboard by using browser tab shortcut and you can do some command that your mouse can’t do it.

Here few list of useful browser tab shortcut:
1. CTRL + T : Open new tab
2. CTRL + W : Close current tab
3. CTRL + TAB : Move to next tab
4. CTRL + PageUP : Move to next tab (work for Mozilla and Chrome)
5. CTRL + PageDown : Move to previous tab (work for Mozilla and Chrome)
6. CTRL + Shift + T : Undo close tab

Hope after you know this simple tips will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.


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