How to Create Self Extracting Exe File without Any Third Party Software

For some purpose, it might be needed to create an exe file that can extract itself that usually called self-extracting file. If you have any third party software such WINRAR, WINZIP or 7-zip, you shouldn’t find any problem to create this kind of file.

But have you ever know that Microsoft provide a tiny but hidden utility that has ability to create self-extracting exe file? Since you read this post, you will know it. Just easy from your running command Windows you can access this utility. The name is iexpress.exe so just type iexpress from running form that available at every version of Windows or just type iexpress from instant search at Windows 7.

Create Self Extracting Exe File

It provide you windows wizard that will make us easy to create self-extraction exe file. So just follow the instruction and adjust it as your needed. Compare to third party software that so popular in internet today this could need more steps but for urgent or another reason, you need to know this Windows utility.

Hope this information about this software will make you more comfortable with computer.

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