How to Delete Files Permanently with Free Software

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How to delete files in Microsoft windows? Usually we just delete file and it will move to recycle bin and from the recycle bin we can click “empty recycle bin”, or the fastest way is left click the files and press the Shift and Del on your keyboard to delete file without moving it to recycle bin. Do you sure this way will delete files permanently from your computer? Of course not, there is a tool has ability to recover deleted files with this way.

Microsoft offer SDelete as a free software to delete files permanently that we can download here or from Windows Sysinternal website, extract it to your computer. Here instruction how to delete files permanently in Windows 7:
1.Open command prompt by click Start -> All Program -> Accessories -> Command Prompt. For the fastest way you can press Start + R on your keyboard and type Cmd.
2.Type: “sdelete” on the command prompt to see all instructiondelete files permanently
3.For example type: “sdelete –s d:testing.txt “ on the command prompt to delete file testing.txt permanently
With this simple tool, you or someone can’t recover your deleted file. Hope after you know this tool will make you comfortable with your computer.

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