Difference Hub vs Switch

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If we want to build LAN that use Ethernet technology, we need hub or switch to connect the many device such computer, printer, server and many more. When we use hub or switch? The basic is we need to know the differences between hub vs switch.

Hub will use in classic Ethernet technology to interconnect nodes on LAN. Hub implementation on LAN basically can cause high level of collisions on the LAN because the media is shared, only one station could successfully transmit at a time. This type of connection is described as a half-duplex communication. Implementation using hub should be used only in small or low bandwidth LAN.

Switches became a significant development that enhanced LAN performance. Switch can control the flow of data by isolating each port and sending a frame only to its proper destination (if the destination is known), rather than send every frame to every device. Switch having a connection that can carry both transmitted and received signals at the same time that we know this as a full-duplex communications. This will reduce or minimizes the possibility of collisions. This technology makes the switch costlier than hub.

Now after we know the difference between hub and switches will make us comfortable about computer networking.


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