Downgrade Firefox

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Do you use Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser? For some reason we like to use the newest version of Firefox even sometime we want to try beta version. Sometime using newest version or beta version makes any crash and makes some plugins not working for Firefox. For that reason we want to install a previous Firefox version that we call it downgrade Firefox.

Basically downgrade Firefox is not best solution for us, but for short period we can use it. For example you install Firefox 8.0b1 but some plugins not work for this version so before any plugins you use update it you need to revert to Firefox 7.0.1. Here are the steps that we can do:
1. Uninstall recent version from Control Panel and don’t remove your personal data and customization.
2. Go to all Firefox release to download your previous Firefox version base on System Operation and language.
3. Install it.
4. You can enjoy your previous Firefox version.

I hope after you know how to downgrade Firefox will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.


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