DVD-R DVD+R Difference

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When you want to buy blank DVD for read only, you will see DVD-R or DVD+R. When using it, I think common user don’t feel the difference. Buying from Amazon Memorex DVD-R 16x 100 Pack Spindle and Memorex DVD+R 16x 100 Pack Spindle, both have same price. Sometime it makes us confuse and we want to know DVD-R DVD+R difference.

Here are DVD-R DVD+R difference:
DVD-R was launched by DVD Forum which was founded by Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Sony and Time Warner.
DVD+R was launched by DVD+RW Alliance which was supported by Yamaha, Philips, Sony, Dell and JP DVD+R has ability to record partially on PC or television, background formatting and 100% compatibility with all DVD players
DVD+R have the descrambling code and can’t copy so it is hard to duplicate it.

Now I hope you have know DVD-R DVD+R difference and clear you mind so you will choose the best for you.

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