How to Edit System File without Error to Save

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For any purpose you might want to edit your Windows system file but sometime even you are administrator you always find any error to save it.

For example when you try to edit hosts file in C://windows/system32/drivers/etc folder and when you want to save it always point to save it as txt file and of course it become an error for your system.

error to edit system file

So how to edit it without find that error? Actually there is two way and here are them

First way (recommended): Copy a file you want to edit to another location better to your desktop and to another non system drive. Edit it and save it and surely you won’t find any problem after that copy and paste it to original folder and surely can without find any error.

Second way: Just run your editor program as administrator. Example if you use notepad just right click on notepad and click run as Administrator and if you enable UAC it will ask your permission and click Yes. From notepad just open a system file that you want to edit, make editing next save and surely you won’t find any error.

edit system file without error

Hope this tips will make you more comfortable using your computer.


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