Enlarge Images without Losing Quality

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Sometimes we have a picture or images with small size, and we want to enlarge it. First think we can do it with Microsoft Paint, and just resize images to larger size. But the images become blur and losing quality. Don’t be panic, we will tell you the easiest way to do that.

There is a lot of software or online services that have capability to enlarge images without losing quality. We prefer online service, because it easy, free and without install to our computer. Just go to resizemypicture website.
Step 1: choose your filechoose your file
Upload your image with file type JPG, GIF, or PNG by click browse. We can resize multiple image by click resize multiple photo
Step 2: choose your sizechoose your size
Next choose your size by click one of three default size. If we want another size, we can click more option, there are three options: by width (default), by height, or specify your own height and width.
Step 3: choose qualityenlarge images
Next choose quality percentage of your image and for Final step click resize image and you will see your image with large size and good quality

Hope after we know this tutorial will make us comfortable with our computer and internet.

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