Fastest Way to Insert Symbol in Microsoft Word 2013

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There are specific symbols that you want to type on your working page which they aren’t available on your keyboard. If you work at simple editor such notepad, you must know some ASCII code for specific symbol. It is easy just find ASCII table from internet.

Microsoft Word 2013 has a tool to insert any symbol to your work sheet. Normal way you just click Insert from menu bar and then click symbol and choose what symbol you want to put on your working page. I think it doesn’t problem if you are not often use any symbol. But maybe you will not comfortable when you are often use them.

You need fastest way to insert symbol to your working page. Actually Microsoft provide Quick Access Toolbar for your office that available at top of your Word window to faster your way to access any tools. So it is better way to add symbol tool to Word Quick Access Toolbar. How to do it? First just do normal way as I told you above then right click on Symbol menu and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

fastest way to insert symbol in Microsoft Word 2013

Now you have had a symbol menu on it and feel the difference with normal way. It is faster, isn’t? You can try to add other tool to it and I hope you will more comfortable with your computer.


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