How to Find HTML Color Code from Anything just with Windows Basic Apps

For any purpose and any reason sometime you need to know find html color code. If you have a rich design application like Photoshop surely you haven’t been here as you can easily find html code there.

But how if you just have a basic Windows application like Ms Paint and surely you will not find it there but actually it give another code that you must convert to html code.

Maybe you are interested with color on any website and want to use it on your job and I will tell you how to use your MS Paint.

First open something you want to find its color code for example webpage so just press print screen from your keyboard then paste it on your MS Paint.

Next you need to use color picker tool and just use it on any color on Pain workspace and automatically Color 1 box contains a color that you had pick.

Then click edit color to find the color code and see it provides RGB code of the color you had picked before and this example it provides Red 32, Green 191 and Blue 234.

find html color code

Is it the html color code? Not yet because html know hexadecimal code and RGB is decimal code. Maybe most of you know how to convert decimal to hexadecimal but if don’t just relax because you can use another basic Window apps called calculator.

Just open Windows Calculator and choose Programmer Calculator from View Menu then type convert RGB code number as decimal to html code as hex number. So you will find 32,191 and 234 as decimal convert to 20, BF and EA as hex number. Finally you find a html color code from a color that you had picked and to use it just line it from RGB so the code is 20BFEA.

Don’t need to install any program if just to know html color code and it is easy, isn’t? I hope this tips will make you more comfortable with your computer.


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