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What is your default browser in your office computer, your home computer or your smart phone? I think most people will answer Mozilla Firefox. There are many reasons why people love this browser and I will explain you one feature in Firefox to synchronize bookmark with name “Firefox Sync”.

The function of Firefox Sync is to synchronize your Firefox bookmark, password, history and open tab in your computer to other computer for example you want to move your bookmark from your home computer to office computer so you will find same bookmark in both computer. Here are step by step to use this feature.
1. Click [Firefox] List Button at the top left of your Firefox browser.
2. Click [Set Up Sync…].
3. Click [Create a New Account].Firefox Sync Setup
4. Fill the form, choose Firefox Sync Server at server, don’t forget to read and agree the Term of Service and the Privacy Policy and then click [Next].
5. Save the key by click [Print] or [Save] or just copy paste it to notepad and then click [Next].
6. Confirm you are human by filling the Captcha and then click Next.
7. Click Finish.

Now you can try Firefox Sync in the other computer and here are step by step to try it:
1. Repeat step 1 and 2 at your first computer.
2. Click [Connect].
3. Click [I don’t have the device with me].
4. Fill the form and click next.
5. Wait it until complete and click Finish.
Now you can see that you have same bookmark in both computers.

I hope after you know the benefit of Firefox Sync will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.


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