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For anyone who likes to download free thing from internet should have best antivirus. As prevention from virus you should scan every file you download. From the thinking that no antivirus is perfect you should consider to scan it with many antiviruses. But every antivirus usually detect the others antivirus as virus so maybe is impossible to install more than one antivirus and for price reason maybe it doesn’t effective and you should consider free detect virus online.

In this post I share VirusTotal service which it offers free service to scan below 32 MB file with their 42 antivirus. They use all the best antivirus such bitdefender, kaspersky, Norman and many more and I think all people who has use this service will satisfy with its performance. In some forum which users can share anything there is better if you share VirusTotal report in your post to make sure that other users will sure to download a file that you share. It is easy to use it, just access VirusTotal website and click Choose File to locate a file that you want to scan and next click Scan it!detect virus online It will upload your file to their server and wait a few moments it will scan your file and provide result scan with some antiviruses. If you want to share the report you need to copy the address and share it to the others. Another service that it provides url scan that could useful too. Sadly this online service doesn’t provide antivirus remover and I hope someday they will provide it.

I hope this information will make you comfortable with your computer and internet.

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    modra ideja8 years ago

    Great site, useful for site like Joomla that are easily hacked 🙂


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