Free Writing Software for Windows

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What is the most popular writing software for Windows operating system? I think everybody answer Microsoft Office Word. But this software is very expensive for many user, browse on Amazon and you will find the price about $110 and I think many users don’t want to waste their money to buy this software especially if they don’t need it to earn money.

Today there are many free writing software for Windows that you can use to write something and even they have almost same ability with Microsoft Office Word. Here are some of them with its website:, you can compare this software with Microsoft Office that contains some software and you can use word processor as your writing software.
Abiword, they claim it similar with Microsoft Word.
Documenteditor, is an open source multitab base word processor
Actually there are many more free writing software that you can search in internet but these three software are the easiest to install.

I hope these software will make you comfortable with your computer to support you to write something

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