Hard Drive Speed Test Software

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Sometime if you have hard drive or after buying hard drive, you need to check its performance. Basically for advance user can check it in Windows 7 by using Winsat utility. For common user or anybody who don’t want to involve deeply you can check it by using third party software.

Here are some tools to check hard drive performance that working good in Windows 7:
This is tiny tool that you use to check hard drive test. It is very simple, you can download zip file from Parkdale website and just extract it to your hard drive. To run it just double click the software and choose what hard drive you want to check and wait until it show write and read speed.Parkdale - hard drive speed test
It is tiny and simple tool too. Download zip file from SpeedOut website and extract it to your hard drive and double click the software to run it. Choose one drive, click start and it will show reading and writing speed.SpeedOut - hard drive speed test
HD Tune
This is bigger than ParkDale and Speedout. You can download it from HD Tune website which they offer commercial and free software for personal user. You need to install it to your computer. Run it and choose one hard drive and click

Start. It only shows transfer rate, so you don’t know actual reading/writing speed.HD Tune - hard drive speed test

I hope these tools will make you know how to check your hard drive speed and it will make you comfortable with your computer.

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