Hidden Facebook Emoticons That Easy to Remember

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Do you like to chat on Facebook? Most of you could be especially since it become the leader of social network and you can stay connect with your friend through Facebook.

Facebook always try to improve their service every time and one of their feature is emoticon that you can access from Facebook chat even you can put it on you status. Until today they provide 21 standard emoticon on your list.

But actually there are a few hidden facebook emoticon that you can use easily even you can remember them easily as a standard smile emoticon with type colon and bracket to become smile. So these are the hidden facebook emoticon

(^^^)              shark       Shark Smiley

:putnam:      putnam   Chris Putnam Smiley

:|] robot       robot         Robot Smiley

<(“)               penguin Penguin Smiley

All emoticon can express your emoticon, those hidden emoticon just an additional from standard emoticon.

Hope this article will make you more comfortable with internet social media.


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