How Do I Submit My Website to Google

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As a king of search engine, surely Google bot will crawls and index new website even you don’t submit it to Google. But sometime it is not as faster as you expect so you need to submit your website to Google.

In this post I will share how do I submit my website to Google.I use Worpress CMS for my website and I use WordPress SEO plugin to create sitemap. This plugin create many kind of sitemap but I just use post sitemap which search engine bot will access it through Next I need to submit it to Google and here are the steps to submit it:
1. I go to Google Webmaster Tools and sign in with Google account that I have created.

how do I submit my website to google
2. Click ADD A Site and type at the form and next click Continue
3. Google provides html file and I download it
4. I upload it to my hosting
5. Click Verify
6. From left menu expand site configuration and click Sitemap and next Submit a Sitemap
7. Complete the form so it will be click Submit Sitemap.
I need to wait until Google bot come to crawl and index my website. And if Google bot come,  Google will provide some tools to discover my website and I am sure that I will get more benefit from it.

I hope this information will make you more comfortable with internet.



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