How to Add Bookmark in Chrome

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What is the fastest and simplest browser today? I think everybody who had try Google Chrome will agree that is Google Chrome. Because of it simple and fast, compare to others browser such Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer it comes minimalist and for the new user will be confused for the first time. For example: how to add bookmark in Chrome? Especially in Mozilla Firefox we can drag easily the website to bookmark bar or just left click and bookmark web page and you don’t find it in Chrome.

Google Chrome has ability to bookmarks the web page but not as easily in Mozilla Firefox. This is the way how to add bookmark in Chrome:
1. Open Bookmark Manager by clicking spanner logo at the right top of Chrome and click Bookmark Manager, or you can open new tab and type: chrome://bookmarks.
2. Now you are in the Bookmark Manager and you will see default two folders: Bookmarks bar and Other bookmarks. Choose the folder for putting your bookmark.
3. Example you choose Bookmarks bar and next click Organize and choose Add page.
4. Next type the name of your bookmark and then URL of web page.
5. Now every time you open new tab, you will see bookmark bar.

Now you can compare your Chrome browser with others browser and hope it will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.

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