How to Become a Network Engineer

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Network Engineer is one path of computer career with best salary in good company that will bring good benefit with updated technology. Many people want to become a Network Engineer, even some people that have a good job still want it. They will ask “how to become a Network Engineer?”

First requirement to become a Network Engineer is your passion to learn about computer and internet. Next thing you can train yourself to understand about computer and networking such OSI Modeling, TCP/IP, cabling and OS such Microsoft Windows, Linux, and many more. Some people ask “what major should we take to become Network Engineer?” It doesn’t require an engineering degree, but for boosting your career you need to take Computer degree or IT degree. Another way you can get networking certification from Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper or Novell. Some company is preferred to hire employee with this certificate.

As a Network Engineer you must have ability to design and troubleshoot computer networking. With this skill you can prove yourself as Network Engineer and always improve yourself to learn bigger networking.

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    Etsu-Ndagi Yunusa9 years ago

    Good day! I don’t know too much about this site. I was just searching the net when I cane about it. And its like have seen contents on what I am searching for!
    I am into computer networking and NIIT

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    Ohji8 years ago

    rEgardless how small or large the business will be, there’s a single work part without having that no company can endure. This kind of desired function is that of the computer community


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