How to Change Voice on Skype

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Most internet user might agree that Skype is the best software to make a call over internet. It provides free call from computer to computer over internet and low rates call from computer to any phone number. The advantage of Skype than the others is that it has ability to use any add-ons or plugins to enhance itself. In this post we will talk about Skype Voice Changer.

With this add-on we will easily know how to change voice on Skype and here is step by step to do it:
1. Download Skype Voice Changer from here.
2. Open your Skype and sign in.
3. Extract to anywhere in your computer.
4. Double click SkypeVoiceChanger.
5. Click Skype Logo to Connect to Skype.
6. Notification to ask your permission will available on your Skype and click Allow access.
7. On Skype Voice Changer you need to click plus logo to Add effect and choose what effect you want to to change voice on Skype
8. Configure the effect setting available.
9. Make a test call to Echo/Sound Test Service on your Skype and listening your new voice.
10. Fun with it.

If someday you want to remove it from your Skype just access it from main menu bar, click Tools – Options – Advance Setting – Manage other program’ access to Skype and next you can remove or just change it. Everybody should agree that with this software will make more fun to talk with friend over internet and I hope you will comfortable with your internet and computer.

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