How to Check Facebook Notifications from Firefox

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Every time you login to your Facebook account, most of you might be check your Facebook notifications to check newest event to your account such if someone write something on your timeline or any Facebook games request from your buddy.

Login to your Facebook account through browser or from any mobile apps could be best way to view any notifications but have you ever known that you can see it from any RSS Feed reader without login to your Facebook account?

Here in this post we will provide you how to but not just in Firefox as we know with Firefox we can subscribe to any RSS feed. Here is how:
1. Login to your Facebook account and go to
2. You will see RSS notifications link, copy and paste it on your Firefox address bar and it will open your Facebook notifications feed.Facebook notification RSS link
3. Just click Subscribe Now to add it on your Firefox toolbar.Subscribe to your Facebook notifications
4. Next to check if you have new notification just click it from your Firefox toolbar.

Now you can check new notification through your Firefox even without login to your Facebook account but if you click available notification you need to login to view complete page. I hope this information will make you comfortable with your internet life.


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