How to Choose Best Laptop for College Students

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Some of my juniors ask me about best laptop that suitable for them. It makes me thinking before suggest the laptop for them. I expand the idea that not every major in college need same type of laptop. So I try to write how to choose best laptop for college students to help them to decide what laptop suitable for them.

When you want to choose the best laptop for college students, you have considered the weight of laptop because you need to carry it almost every day. Other consideration is about warranty, mostly the seller offer one year warranty, so I suggest you to find two years warranty or extended warranty because you need it for three to four years of your study. Other suggestion is that you must choose the laptop with highest processor and graphic card base on your budget because both not upgradable. Memory and hard drive are upgradable so you can upgrade it anytime you want.

Other consideration to choose best laptop for college students is your major. For students in Social, Law and Health don’t need high processor because mostly they need laptop for typing, reading and saving document. For student in Entertainment, Science and Engineering must need highest processor and fastest RAM and try to optimize your budget for it. How about battery life? I think today almost all campus put some power line source in their room, so don’t need to worry about it.


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