How to Close Facebook Account

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Facebook become the most popular social network website. Their users are still increased and it makes our social live change. With Facebook we can easily find a friend even introduce with stranger. Most of people must enjoy browsing in Facebook, chatting, gaming and many more. But some people with some reason want to close their Facebook account.

Some reasons are such privacy concern, having some account, wasting time and many more. Whatever your reason for leaving Facebook, Facebook will support it by providing two types of closing account. First type is temporary closing account and you can activate it again when you want to active again in Facebook because Facebook still keep your information. Here are the steps to do it:
1. Login to your Facebook account
2. Click triangle drop down menu at top right bar and click Account Setting
3. Next click Security and click Deactivate your account
4. Choose a reason for leaving and checklist email opt out and next click ConfirmHow to close Facebook temporarily
5. Confirm your password and click Deactivate Now
6. Fill decaptcha and click Submit
7. It provides a message: Your account has been deactivated.

Another type is permanent closing account which this type has no option to recovery your account. Here are the steps to do it.
1. Login to Facebook account
2. Remove linked application to your Facebook data from App setting
3. Submit your request to delete account permanently from here
4. Click Delete My Accounthow to close Facebook permanently
5. Submit your password and fill decaptcha and click Okay
6. It will show you Permanently Delete Account message as requirement.permanently delete account message

I hope this post will make you comfortable with your internet.

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