How to Close Tab on the Browser

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We can open many tab on the browser. We can do it with almost browser except with old version of your browser. In this simple tips we do it on Mozilla as the most uses browser on the world that identically almost same with another browser such Internet Explorer and Chrome. There is three ways to open tab and three ways to close tab too.

First way to open tab by click menu File and click New Tab and the new tab will open for you. Second way is by click the sign plus at the end of right tab. Third ways is by press ctrl + t on your keyboard. You want to close your browser tab? First way is by click menu File and click Close Tab. Second way is by click the sign cross at the tab you want to close. Third way is by press ctrl + w on your keyboard. If you are comfortable to work with your keyboard than the mouse, so ctrl + w is the comfortable way how to close tab on the browser. Hope after know this simple tips will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.

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    Thanks!Still learnin,God Bless!


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