How to Cut Video in VLC Player

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Maybe we find an interesting clip in any video or movie then we want to watch it again or use it for any purpose. Sometimes we need to cut it for fun or any reasons. Basically we need a video editor to cut it.

Actually there are many free software that has a function as video cutter. But have you ever know that we can use VLC Player to cut video? Yes, you can use it to cut video, even though it just record the video with VLC decoder.

For simple cut, I think it doesn’t make any difference since the result is same with any video cutter software. Do you want to try it? Just follow these steps:

Step 1 : Open your VLC Player and click View menu then click Advanced Control to activate it. Since Advance Control is active you will see four additional buttons in the main control menu and the record button is your main tool to cut the video.

VLC player advanced controls

Step 2 : Open your video from Media menu and click Open File to locate the video and you will see that four additional button will active.

Step 3 : Drag the track slider to which time you want to start the recording and click record button then click record button again to stop it.

how to cut video in VLC Player

Step 4 : The clip will save in your Libraries/Videos folder as MP4 file and you can review it.

I hope this tutorial will make you more comfortable with your computer.


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