How to Disable Chrome PDF Viewer

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Google embedded PDF viewer in Chrome and it makes user can easily to view PDF file from any website that provides it. But many users don’t like to use it because they prefer to view PDF file with Acrobat reader that we know it is the best and free. PDF viewer automatically view PDF file so I will provide you how to disable it

Here are the steps to disable Chrome PDF viewer:
1. Type: chrome://plugins in your Chrome address bar.
2. Search Chrome PDF Viewer and you will see “Disable” link and click it.

disable Chrome PDF viewer
3. Every time you access PDF file from Chrome, surely it will ask you to save or discard the file.
4. Now you will see “Enable” link and it has a purpose if you want to enable it again

With this information you will know to disable or enable others Chrome plugin too so I hope this tips will make you more comfortable with your internet.


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