How to Hide Drive in Windows 7

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Drive could be a partition disk, optical drive, floppy disk, flash disk or external drive. Why someone want to hide drive from their computer? Most drives that user want to hide are fix drive such partition disk and internal CD/DVD ROM. Many users just want to hide it because they want to hide some file or data to anyone that sometime access their computer and the other users want to hide it because they never use it. This post I will share you the way to do it in Windows 7.

Here is step by step how to hide drive in Windows 7
1. Click start and search “partition” and from control panel group click Create and format disk partitions
2. It will open Disk Management window
3. Right Click on the drive you

want to hide, in this sample I want to hide drive D
4. Click Change Drive Letter and Paths…
5. Click Removehow to hide drive in Windows 7
6. It will show notification “Some programs that rely on drive letter might not run correctly. Are you sure want to remove this drive letter?” and just click Yes

Open Windows explorer and you can’t see the driver that you hide.Hide drive in Windows 7 If you want to show it just open Disk Management again and right click on disk block that you have hidden before and click Change Drive Letter and Paths… and then click Add and Assign the following Drive Letter and choose what drive letter you want to assign and click OK. Now check again in your Windows Explorer and sure you will see your drive hidden drives I hope this tips will make you comfortable with your computer.

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