How to Insert PDF into Word

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Do you think need to insert PDF into word? For many purposes you need to do it, especially for better documentation so the reader can easily to read PDF document, but many people don’t sure how to make it happen, so in this tutorial I tell you the way.

I try how to insert PDF into word with Microsoft Office Word 2007, here are the ways:
Open your Microsoft word.
When you need to insert PDF click [Insert] and click [Object], default it go to [Create New]and choose [Adobe Acrobat Document] , you can checklist [Display as Icon] if you want the PDF will display as icon on the word or don’t check it so the word display the first page on your PDF and next click [OK],now browse the file you want to insert to word.insert pdf into word
Another way you can click [Insert] and next [Object] and choose [Create from File], next browse the PDF file and click [Insert] and [OK]. You will see the difference between them if you checklist “Display as Icon”, if you choose “Create from File” next you will see the PDF file name below the PDF icon and just “Acrobat Document” if you choose first way with “Create New”.

I hope this tutorial will make you comfortable with your computer for better documentation your data.

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