How to Install Windows 7 from USB

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There are many reasons why we need to know how to install windows 7 from USB. Especially since there are many laptop today that don’t come with optical drive. Whatever our reasons in this tutorial we need USB flash drive with minimum capacity 4 GB, Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe, and ISO image of Windows 7.

Here is the step how to install windows 7 from USB:

  1. Install Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe .
  2. Run this programwin7tool
  3. Choose browse and find our Windows 7 ISO image after that press nextwin7tool2
  4. Choose USB device as media and press Begin Copyingwin7tool3win7tool4
  5. Wait until finishwin7tool5win7tool6

Now our USB drive ready to use as windows 7 installer to every computer we want to install. If we want to install windows 7 from USB drive don’t forget to make first boot in BIOS setting to USB drive and follow the instruction as normal installation from DVD. Hope this tutorial will make you know how to install windows 7 from USB and you feel comfortable to install it anywhere with your USB.

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    Golb Bloggen9 years ago

    I usually go here when i need help on how to Install windows 7 from an usb. 🙂

    Thank you

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