How to Mute Individual Tab in Browser

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Sometimes your favorite web page provides automatic audio video on their web pages. You could like their audio but surely will annoy you if you open many tab on your browser. Off course because you will hear many audio.

Maybe you still want to hear just one audio from one tab and then you need to mute the other tabs. A few modern browser already provide this feature to mute individual tab. The newest Chrome and Firefox already provide this feature.

Google Chrome

You just need to right click on any tab you want to mute and you will see mute tab menu then click it to mute individual tab on your browser. After that you will see muted speaker icon available on your tab as a sign that tab already muted.

mute individual tab on Google Chrome

If you want to unmute it, just right click again on it then you need to click unmute tab menu so you can hear any audio available on that page again.

Mozilla Firefox

If you open any web page that provide audio, a speaker icon will appear on your tab and if you want to mute it just click on that speaker icon to mute or unmute it.

mute individual tab on Mozilla Firefox

I hope this information will make you more comfortable with your internet and computer.


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