How to Remove Programs from Startup Windows 7

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If you install new software sometime it can decrease Windows 7 starting performance. Main reason for that is because the new program makes itself run on startup. For special program such antivirus maybe you must run it on start up but some program that you can run manually just when you need it, I think it’s better if you remove it from your Windows 7. If you don’t know how, you came to the right place because I will share how to do it
Here is step by step how to remove programs from startup Windows 7:
1. Click Start button and type msconfig in search form
2. It will show msconfig program and click it
3. It will open System Configuration window
4. Click Startup tab
5. It show some programs that you can run on startup
6. Unchek what program that you want to remove from startup
7. Example I remove Windows Live Messenger and Google Update from my Windows 7 startupremove program from startup Windows 7
8. Click Apply and OK
9. Restart or Exit without restart notification will appear and click Restart to apply the changes.

When you need to enable any program on startup just access msconfig again and check what program that you want to enable on startup. I hope this tips will make you comfortable with your computer.

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