How to Replay YouTube Video Automatically

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There is a case when you want to replay any video on YouTube automatically. Maybe because you are too lazy or busy or just want to show a video to toddler who don’t know how to replay it.

The simplest way is by making it as a YouTube playlist. YouTube playlist provides a feature to shuffle the video. No matter if your playlist just contain one video, surely it will replay the video by clicking Replay playlist button .

replay Youtube video automatically from playlist

But to use YouTube playlist, you must login to YouTube. If you think that will be a problem but still want to auto reply a video, don’t worry there is still another way to make it happen

Google Chrome

If your browser is Google Chrome, you can install Autoreply Google Chrome Extension and after that you will have replay button on Youtube page. You can replay entire video or just a part of that video and then click Loop it to reply a video automatically. You don’t need to login to your Youtube to use this feature.

how to reply YouTube video automatically

I hope this tips will make you more comfortable with you internet.

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