How to Search Mediafire File

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There are many free file hosting today. But there is a question what is the best? Basically they offer two types of account free account and premium account. I think there will be no problem if you have premium account but how if you just want to use free account?

Common problem from all file hosting is how to search file in their server. I usually know file in file hosting from shared forum but sometime that is not enough. One of the best free hosting file services if mediafire and the reason why I like Mediafire because it is indexed by search engine so I can easily search Mediafire file from Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The basic command to search file is “site:” followed by additional command.
To search specific file such mp3, avi, wma, zip, ogg even you can combine file types
site: mp3
site: ogg rar
site: mp3 | ogg | wma
If you want to search specific song, artist, movie title, software name or anything you can try next command:
Site: “search query here”.

search mediafire file

The result on Google, Yahoo or Bing will bring you to download file but sometime link doesn’t work and it because Mediafire had deleted a file but search engine still hold it. Be wise to use file from free hosting because some files have a copyright issue.

I hope this tips will make you more comfortable with your internet.

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