How to Search Word or Phrase in Many PDF File

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Maybe PDF document is the most popular document nowadays on internet. People can easily create PDF document and read it with free software. Many e-book, free document available on internet is a PDF document.

Because you download many PDF file sometimes you forget which document is suitable with what you looking for. Actually you can search it manually by opening PDF document one by one, but of course it will need time. Searching from Windows search will not help so much because Windows doesn’t index the content of PDF file, but have you ever know you can search a word or phrase in any PDF file without open it?

If you use Adobe Reader as your PDF reader you can easily find any word or phrase in any PDF file in your computer without open them one by one. Adobe Reader provide advance search tool that you can find from menu Edit – Advance Search or you can access it by pressing CTRL + Shift + f on your keyboard.

From that tool you can easily searching any word or phrase in any PDF file, just locate your PDF file by choosing All PDF Documents in and dig the file location. Next type any word or phrase you want to search on the form. For better searching you can choose available options there and click Search to begin.

How to search word or phrase in many PDF file

I hope this tutorial will make you more comfortable with your computer.


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