How to Show Asterisks Password in Any Browser

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Login form in any website has a standard password that hidden under asterisks or star characters. In html code it use type=”password” command. Modern browsers provide password manager to save your password and enable autofill your password.


How if you forget your password? Actually you can easily login because of autofill feature but if you really want to know it again then in normal way you can view it from password manager on your browser.
It is just normal way but in this post I will show you the fastest way to show asterisk password from html code by changing type=”password” to type=”text”. Most of browser offer developer feature to change any html code for instance view so you can use it to view asterisks password.

Here are the way in any browser:
Firefox and Chrome
Right Click on password form that contains asterisk code and click Inspect Inspect Element It will open html code window then view code: type=”password” and change it to type=”text”show asterisks password
To view your password just click any blank space with your mouse or press enter from your keyboard.password revealed
Internet Explorer
IE doesn’t have Inspect Element but it has Developer Mode and to open it just press F12 from your keyboard and just do same way as in Firefox and Chrome.

Try to explore Inspect Element or Developer Mode tool so you can easily know how to find any code. I hope this tips will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.

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