How to Use IP Trace Route Command in Windows

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Usually if we want to know transmit time of packet across on IP network from source address to destination just use ping command in windows. But sometimes we need to know the route path to reach the destination address. We need IP trace route command tool to know this route path. If we use Microsoft windows, there is a network tool that we can run from command console.

To use this command can run by select Start -> All Program -> Accessories -> Command Prompt or for the fast way just press [start + r] on your keyboard and type cmd in the form. After you are in the command console, simple type tracert + destination address. For example tracert or if you don’t have dns just put IP for destination address, for example tracert IP trace route commandEvery number in left side is the next hop router, for this example number 1 is your home router, next number 2 is your ISP router, and another number is the path router until reach the google router. The purpose of this IP trace route command is for troubleshooting the networking so we know where the path is failure.

Hope after you know how to use tracert command in windows will make us comfortable with internet and computer.

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