How to Use SRT Subtitle File with Any Video Player

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Many people download movie and watched it on their pc or laptop. Most of downloadable movies don’t come with subtitle. But you can easily add external subtitle file by finding it through internet. Nowadays there are many websites that provide external subtitle files for any movie. Usually they provide SRT file and you just need to download and use it with your video player to play the movie.

How to use it? It is easy, you just need to make sure the video file name is identically same with your SRT file name and put them both in the same folder then play it. For example if you have video file “LimitlessBRRip.mkv” then you need to find “” through internet. Sometime you can’t find the same srt file, but you can try another srt file but you need to rename it to become “”.

How to use SRT subtitle file

It will work on most of video player such Windows Media Player, media player classic and VLC player. Especially on VLC player actually you can load srt file even it doesn’t have identically same name with video file. Play a video and dig Subtitle menu on your VLC player and click Add subtitle file to locate srt file then click Open to add srt file to the movie.

How to add SRT subtitle file in VLC player

I hope this tips will make you more comfortable with your computer.


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