How to View HTML5 Video on Youtube

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Have you know that Youtube has provided HTML5 video? Now it just trial version but I think most of you want to trial how HTML5

video performance. Today most video on Youtube is flash video, so to view HTML5 video, first you must disable or uninstall your flash player on your browser.

Simple way to view HTML5 video is in Chrome browser because you can easily disable and enable flash player instead uninstall or install flash player in Firefox or Internet Explorer. Just type chrome://plugins in Chrome address bar and disable flash player.

After that get Google account but if you has had just sign in to Youtube with your Google account. Next go then click Join the HTML5 trial. turn on Youtube HTML5 videoNow try to find any HTML5 video and surely you will hard to find it because flash video still the most video on Youtube. For instance just see this example here:

Since HTML5 Youtube still on trial and still want to view any video on Youtube, you need to enable your flash player again and if you want to turn off HTML5 trial just go previous page where you join it and click Leave the HTML5 Trial. I hope this information will make you comfortable with your internet life.


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