How to View PDF File Online

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Because of any reason maybe you don’t have any PDF reader software on the computer that you are using now and you need to hurry to read any PDF file. For a long purpose it is better if you download and install any PDF reader software so you can instantly read them. For an urgent reason to view PDF, you can do it online and here I will share how to view it online.

There are some services on internet to help us to view PDF and here they are:
1. Google Drive: Login to your Google Drive and upload PDF file then you can view it on your Google Drive.
2. Zoho Viewer This service wasn’t available: Just locate a PDF file from your computer and view it even you can view any PDF file from any website.
3. Samurajdata: Almost same with Zoho Viewer, you can view PDF that available on your computer or on any website.
4. PDF Escape: This almost a web version of PDF reader software even you can edit any PDF file but you need to create account first.

Just try above services so you can know what service is suitable for you. For example maybe you just want to view it once so I think it is better to use Zoho Viewer or Samrajdata because if you use Google Drive it will use your space, but if you want to view it anytime maybe you can consider Google Drive. I hope this information will make you comfortable with your internet.

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    Jerrod K. Pratt7 years ago

    How to View PDF Files Once the Acrobat Reader software is properly installed, you just need to click on a link to a .pdf file and it will be loaded for viewing on your computer. Note that the file is sent to your computer as a temporary file that will be deleted when you exit your browser.


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