iBook G4 Hard Drive Compatibility

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As we know there is a few model of iBook G4 that we can look at Apple website. At this time we will focus on iBook G4 hard drive compatibility. Sometime we want to purchase hard drive to replace our old hard drive because it had been damaged or we want to upgrade the capacity. The reason why we must know the compatibility is to avoid wrong purchasing for our iBook.

The hard drive specification for iBook G4:
Interface: ATA (avoid SATA because not work for iBook G4)
Rotational Speed: 4200 rpm – 7200 rpm (recommended 7200 rpm for faster work)
Size: 2.5” and 9.5 mm thick (avoid 12 mm thick)
Capacity: at least 20 GB (recommended 160 GB)
Cache: 8 MB
Warranty: at least 1 year

iBook G4 hard drive

We can buy the hard drive from online shop such Amazon and follow the replacement guide for expert with computer hardware. We are recommended to buy on computer shop and ask them to replace your hard drive as a service for buying on their shop. Hope after we read this article will make us comfortable with computer.

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