How to Install Flash Player

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Every internet user should agree that we need Adobe Flash player to view interesting website such Youtube that provide interactive application on it. If you don’t install it on your browser, you will see notification on website that you open to install or update flash player.

If you browser is Google Chrome, you don’t need to install flash player because it has been embedded default but for other browser you should install it. So in this post I will provide you how to install it on Mozilla Firefox that will work in Opera and Safari too.
1. Access adobe flash player page from your Firefox and you will see Adobe Flash Player 16.x.x.x and your systems and click Download Now

How to install flash player
2. It will bring you to next step that provides 3 step to install flash player and if it success, installation will run
3. Close your Firefox and you will see Finish button and click it.
4. Try to access Youtube and you can watch any video on there.

If prefer to use Internet Explorer, you need to install another flash player because it doesn’t use same player with Firefox. To install it just follow above step again from Internet Explorer browser and if it success you will have Flash Player in your Internet Explore. To check it you can browser Program and Features and you will see two Flash Player in the list with name Adobe Flash Player 16 ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player 16 Plugin.

I hope this tutorial will make you more comfortable with your internet and computer.


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