How to Make Infinity Symbol from Keyboard

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My ten years old nephew told me that he wanted to make infinity symbol in his homework but he didn’t find it from the keyboard. Actually computer and notebook keyboard just provide popular symbols but when you need to make the others symbols that it doesn’t provide you still make it helped by ASCII symbols.

In this post I will share you what I have told him to make infinity symbol from keyboard that could be useful for you sometimes:
1. Open text editor such Notepad, WordPad or Microsoft Office.
2. Press ALT + 236. (known from ASCII table and must use numeric pad to type the number)

how to make infinity symbol
3. Release it.
4. Infinity symbol will appear in your text editor.

Most laptop keyword hide numeric pad so you must read the manual of your laptop how to enable numeric pad on your laptop keyword. To find the other symbols that you can make with ASCII just search through internet an ASCII symbols table or you can try some numeric combination such ALT + 412 will make GBP symbol.

I hope this tipa will make you more comfortable with your computer.

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