How to Make Super Hidden Text File just with Default Windows Apps

Do you have a secret? All of us should have. How if your secret is data? Most of us might use third party or commercial software to hide it. But have you ever know that Windows has ability to hide a file?

It is easy to hide file on Windows, just right click properties and make it hidden. It is simple hidden, anyone easily to show it with show hidden file.

In this post I will tell you super hidden file but only txt file with notepad and command prompt. Ok let get start. First open windows command prompt. Then type notepad view.txt:secret.txt and press enter and automatically will open notepad app with pop up windows that tell you that there is no such file and ask you to create it so click Yes then click your secret data text on it then save.

make super hidden txt file

Now you have had a super hidden file and to prove it just explore your file and surely you just can see view.txt file there with size 0 kb. Try to view hidden file still and surely it just show view.txt file.

But how to open it if you want to view? It is easy and super hidden, you the only one know the file name, same as to create, to open it just type again from cmd promt notepad.view.txt:secret.txt.

Someone can see view.txt at your folder but they don’t know super hidden file name. File view.txt can hide more than one file, so just try to hide more by typing notepad view.txt:secret2.txt.

Someday maybe you want to delete your super hidden file, actually you can delete view.txt from Windows explorer but to make sure you can delete your hidden file just use streams from Microsoft. Extract it to your hidden file location and open cmd prompt again then type streams.exe –d view.txt to delete secret.txt

Hope this tips will make you more comfortable with your computer.

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