Netbook vs Laptop

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Sometime there are confusing description about netbook and laptop. Take one look both netbook and laptop have none difference, but if we read and look carefully we will find a few difference between them. Especially if we want to buy one, we must know what the difference between netbook vs laptop before deciding to buy.

Here are a few differences between netbook vs laptop:
Function and performance
Netbook designed for doing standard computing, such browsing, typing, playing music, so it comes with standard processor and low memory average 1GB. Laptop comes to change PC function offer with portability, so it can do multitasking job. Usually it has faster processor and higher memory, greater than or equal than 2GB
Size and weight
Netbook size between 7 inches to 11 inches with weight average 2-3 pounds and netbook has a small keyboard. Laptop size between 12 inches to 17 inches with weight average 4-5 pounds and laptop has a standard keyboard size.
Netbook hasn’t CD/DVD, laptop usually has CD/DVD
Notebook price average $200 to $500. Laptop price usually over than $400.

Now after you know the difference between netbook vs laptop will help you to decide to buy base on your requirement and your budget.


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