Notepad ++ as Notepad Alternative in Windows

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Main reason why Microsoft always provide notepad even in their newest system operation is because users always need a simple text editor to write any small note. Sometimes notepad doesn’t enough and that’s why you need a better simple editor.

One of the best notepad alternative in Windows is Notepad ++ that you can download and use for free. They provide a portable app too that you can run from any flash drive if you are not ready yet to install it on your Windows or just want to test drive it first.

Notepad++ as notepad alternative

If you are a developer, maybe you will love Notepad ++ because it has many features that support many programming language. There are many features available such auto-completion, macro recording, text shortening and even you can add many plugin to make your task more easy.

They still continue to develop this software to make it better and surely they will update it to make user satisfied. Don’t you want to try? Download it from Notepad ++ website.

I hope this information will make you more comfortable with your computer.

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