How to Open Incognito Window on Google Chrome

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One reason why sometime I prefer use Google Chrome than other browsers is because of its incognito window. What is incognito window? It is a Chrome feature that will allow user to browse the internet without leaving any kind of history and cookies.

Basically almost all popular browser such Firefox, Opera, IE and many more have same feature with Chrome incognito window but let us take a look to feel the difference.
To feel it let us follow three ways how to open incognito window on Google Chrome:
1. From triple bar menu at top right you can choose new incognito window
2. Press CTRL + Shift + N from keyboard
3. If you find any link, you can right click on the link and choose Open link in incognito window.

How to Open Incognito Window on Google Chrome
Have you tried it? I am comfortable with it. Compare with Firefox if you previously open some tabs and suddenly you want to browse with private browser, it will close the other tabs.

The best about incognito windows is third way above to open it. Until today I didn’t find it in the other browsers. Go to try it, enjoy it and I think you will more comfortable with your internet and computer.

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