How to Restore Firefox Last Session

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Mozilla offers a feature in Firefox to restore your last session you use. As you click the tool it will automatically open all tab you had opened at your last session. What is the purpose of this feature? This could be useful when you accidentally close your Firefox so don’t need to open tab by tab and type web by web just click it.

Another purpose maybe you always open same websites every time you start and stop your browsing activities so with just one click you can open them automatically. So how to restore your last session?

If you set Mozilla Firefox Start Page as your Firefox home page, it means every time you open Firefox, it will bring you to Mozilla Firefox Start Page and you can see it at the footer bar, so just click Restore Previous Session to reopen what website you were accessing at your last session.

How to Restore Firefox Last Session

Another way you can click Firefox orange button at the top left and dig History then click Restore Previous Session. How about if you open two Firefox windows? It will restore all tab in the last windows that you closed.

As addition when you open two or more Firefox windows and if your Firefox or system operation crash, Firefox will bring you to restore windows and tabs page. From this page you can restore all tab and windows even you can choose what you want to restore.

I hope this tips will make you comfortable with your internet and computer.

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